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About Treatment

Clinical Focus: the 4 Parts of Chronic Pain Recovery

1 - Get the accurate information about pain. Understand it, internalize it, and believe it.

2 - Do the psychological work. Teach your brain and nervous system that it's safe to feel physical sensations. And you can slowly reengage in activities you thought you had to give up.

3 - Do the emotional work. Teach your brain and nervous system that it's safe to feel your emotions. All of your emotions. Chronic pain is caused by the emotions you don't acknowledge, don't address, don't process, and don't feel. So we're going to feel them - and teach your brain that you can handle it.

4 - Develop patience and kindness for yourself. Learn to treat yourself with compassion. And then surrender to the process.

If this doesn't make sense yet, that's okay. These are the basic fundamentals. We'll work on all four together...and your pain will start to recede. For sure.

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Individual Psychotherapy:
the Logistics

Weekly individual appointments are 45 minutes in length and take place online via telehealth. This means you get to choose any comfortable space for your therapy sessions. The only strict rule is that clients must be in New York State during sessions due to licensing guidelines. Appointments are scheduled in a weekly slot that'll repeat each week until you're ready to be done. Please reach out for a consultation if you'd like to get started.


EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a specialized form of trauma treatment. A body-based modality, EMDR uses bilateral stimulation to help you reprocess traumatic memories. EMDR easily lends itself to online therapy and it's an excellent way to access the deeper emotions triggering your chronic pain.



Weekly psychotherapy sessions are $200. A sliding fee scale is available on a limited basis. If you're interested in the sliding scale, please contact me and we'll determine your fee.

Other Resources

You don't need a therapist to recover from chronic pain.

Truly, you don't.

If you and I can't work together because of money or time, you can absolutely do this work independently. Here's a list of resources, books, websites, podcasts, videos, and all the stuff that'll help you. Each of the resources below helped me, so I recommend all with confidence:

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