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Together, We Can End Your Chronic Pain

Accepting New Clients! New Slots Open July 2024

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Not "manage" chronic pain.

Not "cope" with chronic pain.

End chronic pain.

Gay Therapist NYC | Chronic Pain Therapist


I help lgbtqia+ clients use mind-body work to end chronic pain and live lives of freedom.

I know, you’ve been in pain for years.

I know, it feels like your body's broken.

You’ve tried everything. You’ve tried all the doctors. You’ve seen the alternative practitioners. You’ve dedicated so much time. You’ve spent so much money. You’ve gotten your hopes up again and again. The cures, the protocols, the diets, the stuff that works for everyone else, it hasn’t worked for you. You’ve gone past the point of desperation and now you’ve finally found your way to the real cure: mind-body medicine. On some level, you know this is the answer.

But the mind-body cure’s proving to be hard. You still have your symptoms. Despite reading Dr. Sarno, relating to his books, journaling, processing traumas, trying and retrying somatic tracking, your symptoms aren’t fully resolving. That’s okay. You’re on the right track. Don’t give up. It’s just time to seek personalized guidance from someone who gets it.

Mind-body treatment works for chronic pain. I say this with confidence. Firstly, because I know the science - and secondly, because I’ve experienced mind-body healing in my own body too. Together, we can make this work for you. Message me to schedule a consultation. We’ll get you on the path to heal your chronic pain and start, or restart, your whole life.

Common Conditions

Let's get you the right diagnosis. Then you'll finally get the right treatment. Most presentations of the following chronic conditions are mind-body generated, thus they improve significantly with mind-body treatment, often resolving fully, even after years or decades of suffering. (List credit: Howard Schubiner MD & Hal Greenham BSc)

  • Back Pain, including most Disc Bulges and Degeneration

  • Neck Pain, including most Disc Bulges and Degeneration

  • Other Musculoskeletal Pain (including Hip, Shoulder, Knee)

  • Chronic Headaches

  • Migraines

  • IBS / Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  • Irritable Bladder Syndrome

  • RSI / Repetitive Strain Injury

  • Tennis Elbow

  • CRPS / Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Many Eczema and Skin Conditions

  • Some Arthritic Conditions

  • Some Endometriosis Presentations

  • RSD / Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

  • Some Interstitial Cystitis Presentations

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Other Medically Unexplained Chronic Pain

  • Other Medically Unexplained Chronic Fatigue


Note: there are many mind-body symptoms and conditions. If you don't see your symptoms listed, that definitely doesn't mean you're excluded. Please feel free to message me with questions about your specific situation.​

You can cure your chronic pain.
I know you don't fully believe it.
But it's true.

The Importance of Identities

We all bring our identities into the therapy space. In order for us to have an authentic connection in our work together, it's important to acknowledge our intersectional identities. I've worked with clients across the wide spectrum of races, cultures, ethnicities, immigration statuses, sexualities, gender identities, relational styles, and religious beliefs. I make space for conversations about identity, privilege, and power in our work together. All are welcome.

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